When you need to generate a lot of attention on a tight budget, posters printing may provide a solution. Posters have proven its worth as an ideal method for marketing products and services in different industries. As long as the poster utilises eye-catching design, compelling text, and an irresistible offer, people will inevitably respond.

We offer posters in numerous sizes, including popular sizes of A1, A2, plus many more. With so many poster sizes to choose from we know you’ll find one that meets your requirements. If by chance you don’t, let us know, and we’ll get you a custom quote.

We have extensive experience printing posters for a variety of purposes, including small poster printing for:

  • Event advertisements
  • Concerts
  • Displays
  • Exhibitions
  • Presentations

Another standout feature of services is that we entertain all kinds of posters printing orders, big and small. Whether the posters to be printed are for political campaigns, event promotions, or advertising, we can complete these orders in a timely manner.

Posters features

  • Offset poster with high resolution color (never digital).
  • Full color on one side.
  • Options for add on double sided tape at the back of posters.

Paper Options

  • 105gsm artpaper
  • 128gm art paper
  • 157gsm art paper


Double Sided Tape at the back of posters


The most common order options are A2 size on 157gsm art paper. Almost always, posters are printed full color on the front only.

Poster marketing tips

  • Less is more when it comes to poster design.
  • Use large fonts to grab attention from a distance.
  • Ensure your poster has one purpose and one message to promote.
  • Use a single point of contact to reduce customer service queries.